• Builders’ work revealed they could not read architectural plan
  • Builder had trouble even with easy-to-understand plan details
  • 4-foot by 7-foot window missed on plan
  • 4 or 5 windows? For top-left-of-page puzzle answer, see Windows page


We had no idea builders could not read an architect’s plan

Beau and Jim Rutherford, in initial discussions about building our home, said they wanted detailed architectural plans.

We provided them with initial plans months early to know the house and help with their bid. The plans, with minor changes, were finalized 2 months before the contract, 6 months before construction.

It wasn’t long after the contract was signed before both Beau and Jim Rutherford began complaining about the plans. Too many pages, too detailed. Jim Rutherford complained on three of our visits in a row. On the next visit, he proudly showed me what he called a 1-page building plan. I only wish I had photographed it.

Their 180-degree shift from asking for detail, to complaining about detail, was to change, however. After we filed our lawsuit, the Rutherfords began complaining that our plans weren’t detailed enough. Amazing; two 180-degree shifts over the plans.

Builders had trouble with easy-to-understand plan details

It became clear, too late, unfortunately, that our builders either could not read plans or ignored parts of them. Their lawyer helped us with that question, however. Here’s what they had their attorney ask in our architect’s deposition.

Architect David Richter, April 23, 2012, questioned by the Rutherford’s attorney:

Q: Are you aware of any changes made to the plans to accommodate a lack of knee space in the kitchen island?
A: I don’t remember any details on that.
Q: What do the plans call for? Do they call for knee space in the island?
A: Detail 12 says knee well.
Q: And on what side of the island?
A: On the side facing the living room.

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4-foot by 7-foot living/dining room window missed on plan

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4 or 5 windows? For top-left-of-page puzzle answer, see Windows page