• Our Rutherford Custom Home needed a carpenter for plumbing repairs
  • We had to bring our new home’s plumbing up to contemporary standards


Our Rutherford Custom Home needed a carpenter for plumbing repairs

There were plumbing leaks during construction, and numerous plumbing leaks after we moved in.

Worse. Who would have thought it would take a plumber and a carpenter to stop leaks? That’s what it took in our Rutherford Custom Home.

The plumber buried unsoldered connectors inside the house’s walls, rather than extending them into the home behind cabinets. When the plumbing leaked, the plumber could not get to the connectors without a carpenter to cut open the home’s walls. Also, our plumbers found broken and cracked plumbing inside the walls, including where the Rutherford Custom Homes plumber repaired a kitchen leak during construction.

One of our first leaks was because of improper metals, electrolysis breaking down our plumbing. Our pipes were being eaten away (see photo) and with our morning pills came grit. I thought the grit was coming from the nearby water storage tank. Turns out, we were drinking bits of our rusting and breaking down metal pipe.

We had to bring Rutherford Custom Homes plumbing up to contemporary standards

We had the pipes replaced and had connectors rebuilt to contemporary building standards.

Plumbing. Another disaster to contend with in our new home.

From the deposition of James W. Rutherford, Jr., president of Rutherford Custom Homes of Wimberley, TX:

Q: And is it also true, then, from its beginning through its end that it (the house) met your approval from the standpoint of it being suitable as a completed residence for the Roses?
A: Yes, sir.


Plumbing leak in kitchen wall Rutherford Custom Home
Rutherford Custom Home plumbing leak repeated
Drying a plumbing leak in Hill Country winter
Rutherford Custom Home wall opened to fix plumbing
Another plumbing leak in our Rutherford Custom Home
Rutherford Custom Homes plumbing leak
Bathroom plumbing leak, Rutherford Custom Home
Plumbing carpenter needed for Rutherford Custom Home
James W. Rutherford Jr. testified on no defects
Eroded pipis in new Rutherford Custom Home, which used improper metals in plumbing.
Plumbing leak towels
Rutherford Custom Homes plumbing needed a carpenter
Cracks in Rutherford Custom Home plumbing connector.
Rutherford Custom Homes' cracked plumbing

Plumbing leak during Rutherford Custom Homes building process.

First leak, fixed with broken part, leaked again after we moved in.

Drying plumbing leak in a Hill Country winter.

Our custom home required carpenter for plumbing leaks.

Leak from inside sealed bathroom wall migrated into bedroom.

Plumbing caused numerous floods.

Water came out from under bathroom wall.

Carpenter was needed to get to Rutherford Custom Homes plumbing leaks.

Another Rutherford Custom Homes leak.

We unknowingly drank rusted pipe bits. Then eroding pipes leaked.

After another leak, we had modern connectors installed.

Builder's plumbing required opening walls to fix connector leaks.

We had to replace broken, cracked and faulty connectors.

Cracked plumbing connection was sealed inside a wall.

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